Give me 10 minutes and I’ll show you that by just breaking a few “old school” investing rules
(legally)...You could dodge years of waiting for investment income and collect up-front income every time you place a trade in the stock market…Starting as soon as this week!

Are you willing to break a few “old school” investing rules?Well then forget what you thought you knew about trading stocks…I’m serious. Wipe everything from your mental hard drive.

Did you wipe them from your memory? We can’t go on until you do…Okay, good.Here we go…

Together, you and I are going to Invert the Rules of trading.

Here’s what I mean:Instead of setting aside your hard earned money for months on end (and even years) before you lock in profits like this…

When you Invert the rules of trading.You could set aside your money for a shorter period of time…And collect up-front prepayments every time you place a trade!No waiting 365 days.No waiting 10 years.Instant income.Here, let me show you…Take a look at this real Inverted Trade I recently placed.When I set aside $7,500 for just 56 days…

I instantly collected an up-front prepayment of $703.88.You can forget about throwing your money into an Index Fund and letting its value rot away to High Inflation…Thanks to Inverted Trading, you can collect your pre-paid profits up front!Now, before I go any further – I want to be very clear with you:Inverted Trading will not produce 1,000% home run wins.You won’t be getting thousands of dollars every time you place a trade.So if you’re looking for that kind of high risk-high reward investing, you might want to click out of this.The goal of Inverted Trading is to produce steady returns of 20-30% annually.But instead of parking your money inside an S&P 500 Index Fund and potentially waiting years for a measly 11-12% annual return…With Inverted TradingNot only could you potentially crush that tiny S&P 500 11% return with a stellar 20-30% annual return…You get to use some of those profits up-front!I know it sounds crazy but I’m serious!Every time you place a trade, you get an instant up-front prepayment.And with inflation at a 40 year high…There’s nothing more important than accelerating your monthly income right now.Because here’s the thing…You and I both know the battle against high inflation will not be won with investment income “down the road.”Compound interest isn’t going to help you fill up your gas tank or pay for a nice dinner with your wife this weekend, that’s for sure!

To win the battle against high inflation, you need to accelerate your monthly income right now – You need extra income this week!

And let me tell you…In my 20 years of investing experience – both on Wall Street and with my own family’s investment accounts…Inverted Trading is the most reliable income accelerator I’ve ever used.It’s been one of my family’s best friends in this crazy battle against high inflation we’re all experiencing.Trust me…With 7 kids, our grocery bill can get pretty insane!If you have kids or grandkids you spend a lot of time with, you probably know what I’m talking about.And don’t even get me started on our monthly gas bill…But with Inverted Trading, I know I can rely on a steady stream of up-front Investment Income every single month to offset those high costs.And that’s why I’m sharing this with you now.Most people don’t get access to Inverted Trading because they just don’t talk about it on CNBC or Bloomberg.It’s one of those taboo subjects that traditional investors usually stay away from.And that’s a shame, because it’s not nearly as taboo as people make it out to be!Thousands of investors on Wall Street use Inverted Trading to create steady income.(That’s where I discovered it, but I’ll tell you more about that in a moment.)So if you’re ready to say goodbye to the ordinary and outdated world of buy-and-hold investing…

Welcome to the Inverted world of invest-and-get-paid trading.

But before we go any further, let me be clear:This is NOT free money.Just like the ordinary world of investing, there are certain rules you need to follow inside the Inverted World of TradingFor you to collect the up-front cash pre-payments…You will have to set aside a bit of money for a certain amount of days.

But unlike traditional buy-and-hold investments, you won’t be setting aside money for years.And the more money you can afford to set aside, the larger your cash payments will be!

Every investment strategy in the world requires you to set some money aside for a certain amount of time.But instead of putting your money into a 401k or Index Fund for years to get a measly 10-20% return on your investment…

When you put your money in these Inverted Trades, you receive a cash prepayment immediately in your brokerage account.

And that cash payment is yours to do what you want with!And yes, as bizarre as it seems…Inverted Trading is 100% legal.I learned about this little known world of investing when I was a hedge fund manager on Wall Street.And as backwards as it is…There are quite a few “big name” investors who use Inverted Trading to collect up-front prepayments too…Heck, even Billionaire investor Warren Buffet uses Inverted Trading to collect up-front cash prepayments.One time he collected an up-front cash prepayment of $7.5 Million on a single Coca-Cola trade!Now of course you and I won’t be making that much money with our up-front cash payouts…But if you use it for long enough who knows!Are you starting to see the magic of Inverted Trading?The more money you can put into it, the more you will get out.Here, let me show you what I’m talking about…I run a private portfolio where I place all of my own Inverted Trades.It’s the same one I use for my own family.And I offer people exclusive access to it.Every time I see a great Inverted Trade opportunity in the market, I send out an alert to the members.

When members receive a trade alert from me, they know there’s up-front income coming their way.

Let me show you a few Inverted Trades members that had a chance to profit recently…June 21st, 2022.I alerted my members about an Inverted Trade opportunity…

If you were a member, you could have set aside $6,750 for just 59 days...

And collected an up-front cash prepayment of $432.96 – potentially enough to pay for an entire month’s worth of groceries!

Or how about on July 15th, 2022…

If you were a member and set aside $8,500 for just 35 days…

You could have collected an up-front cash prepayment of $408.63 – and potentially taken your entire family out to the most expensive steak house in town!

Or this more recent Inverted Trade I alerted my members to on August 23rd, 2022…

Setting aside $6,000 for just 59 days…

Would’ve given you the chance to collect a whopping $833.18 up-front cash prepayment!

And look, at this point you’re probably asking yourself:“What’s the catch?”“It must be super risky…”“Why aren’t more people doing this?!”I’ll tell you why:Because most people get their investment advice from the airheads on CNBC.Those suits and ties will tell you Inverted Trading is risky and that you’re better off just holding cash or putting your money in an Index Fund.But I’ve got the stats to prove them wrong…Inverted Trading is not any riskier than traditional buy-and-hold investments.(There will be some risk of course – there is no such thing as a “risk free” trading method. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through their teeth.)But when compared with other “mainstream” investing strategies…

Inverted Trading is actually less risky!

I know that sounds crazy…So let me prove it to you.Here’s how well my private portfolio has performed recently…

Even in this terrible bear market!

I’d be mighty surprised if you found another trading strategy even remotely close to that level of consistency in this ugly market.Okay, let me slow down for a second.If you’re a bit confused up to this point I don’t blame you.When I first learned about Inverted Trading, I had to wrap my head around the idea.It took me a little while to “unlearn” the traditional rules of buy-and-hold investing…But I promise you it’s worth it.Once you enter the world of Inverted Trading, you might never want to return to “normal” investing again.This kind of investing is that good!Okay, but before I show you how to get started…I should explain where I discovered this underground world of investing.My name is Zach Scheidt.I’m not just “some guy” who likes to invest in the stock market.

I used to manage millions of dollars as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street.I handled investment portfolios for some of the richest people in America.Over 20 years of my life have been dedicated to researching and investing in the financial markets.So when it comes to knowing about the secret investing tactics of Wall Street…I know every trick up their sleeve.And I’ve tested pretty much every money making method out there…From stocks to bonds and everything in between.But I’ll tell you this…

When I discovered the “Inverted” world of investing, it flipped everything I thought I knew about making money on its head.

Traditional rules say “you have to put in the work before you make money”And that’s what I always believed!That was until I discovered Inverted Trading…

But to be clear:
I’m not against putting in the work before you reap your rewards.I’ve experienced “The American Dream” so to speak…But I never would have gotten to where I’m at without grit and hard work.It pains me to see a generation of soft young people thinking they deserve the world because politicians tell them so.That’s why I teach my 7 kids that there are zero shortcuts in life – You get what you put in!But even though most good things in life require a righteous amount of hard work and sweat…Every once in a while you stumble upon a “shortcut” that’s just too good to pass up…

And everyone's entitled to a few great “shortcuts” in life!
(Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you took it)

Because Inverted Trading is simply too good to pass up.It’s one of the best money making shortcuts I’ve ever discovered.And it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself!God knows every single American is feeling the pain of high inflation right now…This is the highest Inflation has been in over 40 years, hovering just above 8%.And just when we thought gas prices were on their way down…OPEC+ cut oil production by 2 Million barrels a day.

How long are we going to have to live like this?The recent September Jobs report wasn’t a good sign. And according to JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon…

And you can count on the Fed to continue their aggressive interest rate hikes.Although I can’t predict the future…It seems like we might be dealing with this fearful market and high inflation for a while longer…Because we don’t exactly have our “best and brightest” leading the charge.To be clear:I respect the office of the President of the United States.But what exactly is he doing about all of this?You know…The guy who is supposed to take care of your family’s hard-earned money.He’s passing the “Inflation Reduction Act.”Or as I like to call it “The Inflation Acceleration Act.”Because it has nothing to do with fighting inflation.It’s just another borderline socialist program designed to use more of your tax dollars to pay for goods!And at the end of the day…You and I’s pockets are going to hurt the most from it.The President’s “actions” to fight inflation are ignorant.But worse…His actions are dangerous for your financial future.Your grocery bill has never been higher…

The value of your paycheck is being slashed by inflation…

Your retirement is in the tank…

And President Biden is celebrating his “job well done.”

And as much as Democrats want to believe printing more money will reduce inflation, the laws of economics just don’t work that way.Who knows what’s going to happen in the coming months.But regardless of Inflation…

There’s something brewing in the market that could make things even worse.

Some experts are predicting we’ll see a “lost decade” in the stock market.Now I’m not guaranteeing anything.Nobody can predict the future.But if the market does stay flat for an entire decade…The worst thing you could do is park your money in an index fund or any typical “buy-and-hold” investment.Because think about it…Not only will the value of your money rot away to Inflation.The rotting will be potentially 10 times worse!Because you won’t have the “11-12%” annual return to combat Inflation.And according to billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller…You could have nearly 0% return over the next 10 years!

So what do you do?How do you take the battle to the frontline and beat Inflation?You and I both know…The only way you’re going to beat inflation into the ground is by earning more income right now.Not later. You need it now!

That’s why Inverted Trading is the real Inflation Reduction Act

Inverted Trading is your ticket to ease the pain of inflation.Because when you ditch traditional investing, you get income that will help you in the here and now…Not 10 years down the road.Like this Inverted Trade my members had a chance to profit from on August 15th, 2022…

You could’ve set aside $9,000 for just 32 days, and collected an up-front cash prepayment of $409.31!That’s income you can withdraw right away and potentially pay for a month’s worth of groceries.But remember, I will always be up-front and honest with you…And I’m not going to sugar coat it:Inverted Trading performs worse during a Bear Market. (Because we aren’t short selling stocks here)

But the real power of Inverted Trading is its ability to provide you with steady income when the market is chugging upwards…While it protects your income when things get ugly in the market.

As I write this, the S&P 500 is down 18% in the last year.

I can’t imagine the pain you’d be in if your life savings were invested in index funds right now…But as of this writing my own private Inverted Trading portfolio has won 33 of the last 40 trades!

And even though it’s not performing as well as it could…(You’d be hard pressed to find any trading strategy that’s crushing it right now)Inverted Trading is still handing investors an 82.5% win rate – That’s what I call protection from the bear market.Let me show you a few Inverted Trades I’ve made during this ugly bear market…On July 12th, 2022…Members could have set aside $5,000 for just 66 days on a $NCLH Trade.

And receive an up-front
cash prepayment of $297.28!

And on July 18th…Members could have set aside $6,750 for just 60 days on a $RUN Trade.

And receive an up-front
cash prepayment of $693.93!

Or on May 6th, 2022…When members had the opportunity to set aside $9,500 for just 42 days on a $CF Trade.

And receive an up-front cash prepayment of $724.32 – potentially enough to treat your wife to a surprise weekend getaway!

But I want to be very clear here:We don’t win every single trade inside my private portfolio.But when we lose a trade, here’s the other cool thing about Inverted Trading:

You get to keep your prepayment…
And your “punishment” is simply having to buy shares of the stock.

Woah…I know that might flip your world upside down – But I did warn you:You’d have to forget everything you thought you knew about investing. And I’m about to reveal what exactly Inverted Trading is in just a moment…But are you starting to see the power of Inverted Trading?You can imagine how quickly the cash flow adds up!And remember, those weren’t year long investments.We got up-front cash prepayments the second we placed the trade!Imagine stacking up a handful of trades like that every single month for an entire year…You could be setting yourself up for a nice chunk of extra cash flow.And keep in mind, the amount of cash flow you collect depends on how much money you can afford to set aside.So the more money you have to invest, the larger your cash payments will be.And what you do with all that extra cash is up to you!Imagine being able to take a few extra vacations with your family this year, or being able to spoil your grandkids with everything they want for Christmas this year!With Inverted Trading, that’s highly possible…

Okay Zach it’s time to reveal the Ace up your sleeve…What exactly is Inverted Trading?

Inverted Trading is a little known stock trading technique called put-selling.For those that are unfamiliar with the term…Put-selling is an options trading strategy.But before you click out of this in disgust at the word “options”...Let me be absolutely clear:

Options are only risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But I’m going to show you how simple it is to learn.Here’s a quick rundown of how put-selling works…When you sell a put option, you enter an agreement to buy shares of stock, in exchange for earning an up-front cash premium.

And as long as the stock price is trading above the “strike price” (or agreement price) on the trade expiration date…

You won’t be required to buy shares of stock.

But like I mentioned earlier, if the stock closes below the “strike price” on the expiration date…

Your “punishment” is getting to buy shares at your agreement price.

But either way, the up-front prepayment is yours to keep!
Quick (and important) note here:

You should only sell put options on stocks you’d want to own anyway. (It’s my #1 rule when looking for these inverted trading opportunities.)

If you are bullish on every Inverted trade you make, you will be happy to purchase the companies if the stock pulls back below your agreement price.

Okay let me slow down for a second…

If you’re brand new to the world of Inverted Trading, all this options lingo may seem like mumbo jumbo to you.

But don’t sweat it.

Because I have great news for you.
You stumbled upon this letter today.
I don’t know what brought our paths together, but I believe it’s a true light at the end of the tunnel.Because Inverted Trading is the perfect protection plan from the financial challenges you and I face today.I’ve been using it for years to generate up-front income for my own family.And I would love for you to become a member inside The Accelerated Income Model and join me on the frontline as we win the battle against high inflation.It’s a real-money model I use to accelerate my own family’s income with the power of Inverted Trading.When you become a member, you will get trade alerts every week covering Inverted Trades that could accelerate your income.So you won’t have to worry about market research or keeping up with the financial news.

Because you’ll have a 20 year Wall Street Veteran handing you income accelerating trades every week.

And even if you’re still confused about Inverted Trading and how it works…

Don’t worry, because when you become a member of The Accelerated Income Model…

You’ll receive a FREE copy of my Accelerated Income Trading Blueprint.

Where I will show you step-by-step how to accelerate your income with Inverted Trading.

And I know options trading gets a bad rap in the mainstream trading world…

But mainstream trading tactics aren’t going to cut it in this recession.
And even though you might have heard otherwise…Options trading is not only easy to learn, this kind of options trading can be even less risky than normal stock trading!I know you’re probably champing at the bit to get started…And I’ll show you how much it will cost to unlock this remarkable world of Inverted Trading and start accelerating your monthly income in just a moment…But first…I want to show you every single Inverted Trade we closed this past August.I’m not going to cherry pick anything here.

Here is a snapshot of every single trade the Accelerated Income Model closed in the last quarter of 2022…

I know there’s a ton of numbers there and it might be confusing right now…So I’m just going to point out the important parts for you.Overall, for the trades we closed in Q4…

Members of the Accelerated Income Model had the opportunity to make around
$4,808 in profits!

Keep in mind, while all these Inverted Trades were closed in Q4t, they were opened at various dates in September, October, and November.So members received $4,808 of income over the course of a couple months.And remember, the Accelerated Income Model uses a starting base of $100,000 in capital.But you can use this strategy for accounts that are much smaller – or much larger.

And the more money you can set aside for
the model, the more income
you can possibly collect!

But every investment strategy carries risk (including the Accelerated Income Model.)Even though this is a conservative way to generate income, you can lose money with this strategy – as with any other investment approach.So I always recommend you don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.Still, even in a ruthless Bear Market Inverted Trading produces some solid income.Which is why I love Inverted Trading so much.The consistent profits and cash flow is superior to every other trading strategy out there.But look, there are a few red trades there. We won’t win every single trade.(But if you only place Inverted Trades on companies you’d want to own, it won’t matter much if we lose anyways!)There’s no such thing as a “perfect” investment strategy, but I work hard to make The Accelerated Income Model as close to perfect as possible.And even if all of these numbers confuse you and you still have no idea how options trading works…Don’t sweat it.Because I promise you this:Once you get over the small learning curve…You’ll quickly realize why put-selling is your best weapon to combat high inflation and the recession.It’s so simple and straight-forward…You could even implement this strategy on your own if you wanted to!But the good news is, you won’t have to do much on your own.

Because I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!

That’s the beauty of The Accelerated Income Model.I’ll do what I’ve done for 20 years at home and on Wall Street…Dive deep into the “boring” financial statements and news articles. (The places most people don’t care to look)Believe me…I spend hours researching and hunting down the best Inverted plays I can find.So when you become a member, the only thing you’ll have to do is follow my detailed trade instructions, sit back…And collect your up-front cash prepayments.You could do the hours of research necessary on your own, but I don’t want you to waste your precious time when I could do it for you!And remember, The Accelerated Income Model is how I invest for my own family.So you can rest assured that each and every trade I make will be one that I would feel comfortable making on my own.

When you sign up for The Accelerated Income Model here’s everything you’ll
immediately get access to…

My former clients on Wall Street had to put up at least $1,000,000 or more for me to accelerate their income with Inverted Trading…But here’s the thing…I know the dangers of high inflation are hurting many Americans right now.And there’s no time to waste…

You need immediate
protection from inflation…

And there’s no better weapon to help you fight back and take back your financial freedom than Inverted Trading!

Whether you’re adding to your retirement account or just collecting extra cash every month…This will help you crush the burden of high inflation…And the sooner you get this in your hands, the better.But I don’t want you to be left out of this income accelerating opportunity because of a high subscription price.So right now…

You can get immediate access to The Accelerated Income Model, and start crushing inflation with up-front cash prepayments this week…

For a small $97 investment.

So for about a cup of coffee a day (around $3.23/day)...You can start collecting up-front prepayments in your investment account as soon as this week!Look, I want to help you get started collecting these pre-payments now…And I’m certain you can make back your initial investment quickly.Like one of my “beta tester” members did when I first launched the program…

Or even better, if you were a member on August 5th…When members had the opportunity to close a couple trades, and lock in $911 in total profits.

You would have nearly 10 x'ed your initial investment in just one day!

And although I’m positive you’ll love the extra cash flow that comes with The Accelerated Income Model…I don’t want you to feel like you’re risking your money paying for this.

That’s why I offer all my members a
unique promise…

Heck, even after the 30-day window…I still want to make sure you’re satisfied.

So at any time after 30 days, you can STILL cancel your subscription and receive a pro-rated refund for any time left.

Seriously, I want to make sure you’re 100% happy with this investment. And if you’re not, I don’t want to keep your money.Like I said, I’m a big fan of minimizing risk – And that includes the risk you put up when you sign up for my program.So test it out, get a feel for it, and decide for yourself if it’s worth less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.You could sign up and read through the Accelerated Income Trading Blueprint, ask for a refund…And walk away making Inverted Trades and collecting up-front cash prepayments every week on your own.

But once you see how easy accelerating your income is with me as your co-pilot…I don’t think you’ll want to leave!

So you tell me…Are you ready to enter the world of Inverted Trading and set yourself up to crush inflation with up-front cash prepayments every time you place a trade?Your brand new stream of income is just a click away…If you’re interested in accelerating your income during this bear market, don’t hesitate to click the button below.You won’t get a better opportunity than this to shadow a Wall Street Veteran’s income accelerating portfolio.So what are you waiting for?Let’s get on the frontline and hit Inflation where it hurts.Are you ready to accelerate your income?

Remember, there’s a strong chance you’ll make back your initial investment (or more) within the first week of joining

And after that? You decide what you do with all that extra cash!The button below will take you straight to a secure order form.The remarkable world of Inverted Trading awaits…


How many Inverted Trade alerts will I be getting every month?You can expect to get roughly 12-16 trade alerts every month. (Based on an average data pull from the last 5 months)

Meaning you can expect about 3-4 Inverted Trade alerts every week. This is an actively traded Model Portfolio, so it will not be as “hands off” as some other investment vehicles out there. But also remember this: you do not have to enter every trade I alert you to. It is always up to you whether or not you enter a trade. It’s my job to simply find the best income accelerating opportunities for you.

How do I get a refund if I want to cancel?Simply shoot me an email [email protected]. And I’ll refund your money in its entirety as soon as possible.

Do I have to know anything about Options trading to make money with Inverted Trading?
Everything you need to know is inside the 26 page Accelerated Income Trading Blueprint. It doesn’t hurt to learn more about Options and Put-Selling, but remember that I will be doing most of the heavy lifting for you. All you will have to do is place the trade when you get an alert.

How soon can I expect to start making income from Inverted Trading?
As soon as you like. I can’t guarantee when your first Inverted Trade alert will be, but I send trade alerts every week. So you can jump in and start accelerating your income as soon as this week.

What’s stopping me from collected up-front prepayments on my own?
Nothing. You could do this on your own. But if you want to find the Inverted Trades most likely to turn a profit, you will need to do hours of research every week. You know, the “boring” stuff. But lucky for you, the “boring stuff” happens to be one of my favorite pastimes. And I’ll do it for you for just $3.23/day. So you can go spend those hours doing something you love instead.

Why don’t you have more testimonials?
Full Disclosure: The Accelerated Income Model is a new product that I just launched this past year. And although we have had some members, I wanted to test it out and get the system right before I started really promoting it. So that is why there aren’t more product reviews. But I’m pretty certain that once you try out Inverted Trading, you’ll want to leave a great review!

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